Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


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If your child needs help

What We Do:

Strive to improve quality of life of children with the congenital and impairments of physical development

Who We Help:

Children of the Russian Federation who live with their families and orphan children who have impairments of physical development including, but not limited to: diseases of the impellent device, cerebral paralysis, congenital deformations of feet, contracture of joints of the top and bottom extremities, anomalies of development and deformation of the top extremity and other anomalies and infringements of physical development.

• which, according to competent medical diagnosis that operational, rehabilitation or other traditional treatments are required;

which, treatment will pass in the Russian medical institutions having corresponding licenses and certificates or abroad (in the absence of analogs of the given treatment in the Russian Federation);

if the given treatment improves the quality of life of for the child;

provided that financing of this treatment at the expense of the state is impossible or is complicated.

How We Help:

providing funding for operations and treatment;

providing medical equipment for the necessary rehabilitation for the child according to their medical certificate.

How to Request Help:

the Applicant completes the application requesting the documentation.

the Applicant independently collects all necessary documents.

Where to Send Your Request:

The applicant can bring the request and documentation directly to the Program office or send by mail:

Diema’s Dream – Take A Step Program

10 A Academika Bochvara

Moscow, Russia 123098

If you have questions, please call : 7(495) 942-4003

Who Approves the Funding for Treatment:

the Committee of the Fund considers 10 Requests per month and gives their recommendations to approve or refuse funding requests.

If the applicant is approved, the Committee informs the Applicant and provides payment of invoice upon rendering of services or acquisition of the medical equipment.

If Approved, What the Applicant Needs to Do:

Actively participate in gathering required documentation, invoices and registration of contracts with medical institution

Independently organize and accompany the Child to the place of treatment.

Provides access to the Coordinator of the program:

Medical documentation which concerns the treatment for the child prior and post to the inclusion of the Child in the Program ,condition of the childs health, medical reports at the time of treatment and for one year after.

Permit the charity to report the documentation of the Applicant, the condition of the child health and the treatment including photos for use on the charitys website and on the donation boxes.

What the Applicant does prior and post Treatment of the Child:

Gives in Fund the information on a course and results of treatment of the Child

Within 3 days after the termination of treatment of the Child, provides a medical report and invoice for services rendered.

Applicants must Provide copies of these Documents:

Application form for participation

Applicants Passport (the parent, the trustee, the lawful representative)

Document confirming the rights of the Applicant to represent interests of the child, birth certificate, documents on guardianship, adoption of the child

In the of absence of one of parents - the corresponding document (certificate on death, divorce decree, etc

INN of the Applicant

State insurance pension certificate number of the Applicant, the child (if is available)

Birth certificate of the child or the Passport (for children older than 14 years)

Inquiry on physical inability and (or) other documents on physical inability if is established

Color photos of the child that confirm the necessity of treatment.

Conclusion of the expert of medical institution in which the child is regularly observed or surveyed in connection with illness diagnosis of the child with recommendations about carrying out of concrete medical, rehabilitation action (issued on the establishment form, signed by the head of establishment or other authorized person, assured by the establishment press) (ORIGINAL);

Conclusion of the medical expert as to the treatment and rehabilitation of the child on the establishments form, signed by an authorized person (ORIGINAL)

Accounting of the cost of treatment and the rehabilitation treatment. At the time of application a copy is acceptable. However, if the application is approved, originals are required.

Income verification of both parents (ORIGINAL form 2-NDFL)

Non Working parents - the first and last pages of the work record card regarding dismissal

Inquiry from RAU about structure of a family or an extract from the house register (ORIGINAL);

Conclusion of local bodies of social protection about financial position families (ORIGINAL);

Certificate of inspection of living conditions bodies of guardianship and guardianship (ORIGINAL);

Document confirming refusal of authorized state structures (social insurance, social protection, public health services, etc) to pay for necessary treatment, rehabilitation, the medical equipment and (or) the petition of these bodies for rendering assistance to a family (ORIGINAL).

The Program reserves these Rights:

− to commission the Certificate of inspection of living conditions,

− to request additional medical examination the child,

− to request other documents necessary for decision-making on financing,

− to consider references in cases where necessary documents are absent.