Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


Mailout subscription:



1. How can I help orphans with disabilities?

2. Why do we need to sign an agreement of partnership? Can you help without an agreement?

3. How can I find out how my donation has been used?

4. We have a lot of toys, clothes, and books we could donate. Do you accept these things as donations?

We accept new things and things in a very good condition. More modern clothes for our teenage children are greatly appreciated. We gladly accept toys, training materials, educational games, and everything for craft and art classes. Stationary supplies are always welcome.
5. We are always need volunteer's help!
Contact us: vs@ddfund.ru

To visit children in the Orphanage #8 volunteers should have the following medical papers:

1. Fluorography you can receive it straight away after test (in Russian clinics)

2. Feces analysis for enteral group (B2) (dysentery) ready about 5 days after test (in Russian clinics)

3. Throat swab (diphtheria) - ready about 5 days after test (in Russian clinics)

This documents should be renewed every 6 months.

Volunteers can be admitted to children in the presence of the above listed documents only.