Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


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Summer in the Village

lag2.jpgEvery summer, we welcome a lot of visitors and children. If you would like to visit us in the summer, please let us know or contact us via the contacts page. Contact.

Why are we doing this?

Imagine a young man, 20 years old, who has not been outside the walls of state institutions, simply because he was an orphan and has special needs.

Feeling the warmth of the sun, planting a variety of flowers and vegetables, new experiences every day, endless conversation with friends and the many, many delights of summer holidays-he would never have the opportunity.

For the guys who grew up before our eyes in a boarding house for mentally retarded children, we build a "Diema's Dream" Village so they would have a life outside of state institutions.

In the summer, we go on picnics, trips, tours of the Tula region, go fishing and do a lot of interesting things with the kids. They are always welcome.

The Village exists on donations, and we would welcome any of your help.

In 2010, we started the project "Social adaptation without borders ". At the Village, 27 children with varying degrees and types of disabilities lived at the village for several months.

2010-7 Town Diema's Dream 2010

In 2009 ,in Village welcomed 14 young adults with disabilities, and 6 volunteers from America, Switzerland and Russia were there to help.

2009-7 Town Dima's Dream 2009

2009-8 Master

In 2008, at our inaugural Integrated Summer Camp, we welcomed some of the children from our Family Center . The first guests were a young disabled girl, our Julia and Andrew, who from an early age lived only in state boarding schools did not know the home of warmth and family affection.