Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


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About Village

Diema's Dream Village
is a Charity Program, created to support young adults over 18 years old, who have severe cases of mental or physical disabilities.

This Program is the only one of its kind in Russia. The goal of our Village is to provide help and a permanent home for disabled young adults and to hold integrated camps throughout the year hosting younger orphans and children from families.

With your help, we are creating an integrated living space for the young adults. As a result of our program, a new Model of Social Help for Russian Disabled Children over 18 years of age, is being created and tested.

For the first time, most of the disabled orphans will find out what it's like to be living in a home and not in an institution. During their stay in the Village, they will continue with their studies, help with cooking, shopping, planting flowers and get to go to the movies. They will have a chance to use their creativity in art classes and workshops. Water therapy is another dream that is on the horizon.

We truly believe if Diema Martinov were alive, he'd be very happy to be living in our Village and have the opportunity to reach his potential.


Purpose of the Village

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The Village strives to help solve social problems

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