Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


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About the program


History of the Family Center

Diema’s Dream Family Center was founded in 2006, as a Charity program to provide individual psychological, pedagogical and social assistance to families raising children with disabilities. From the moment of launching the Program, our Family Centers primary staff had gained the positive experience of working in Moscow Orphanage #8 of Social Care system. This work helped us to realize that all the children are capable of learning, if the teaching purposes and correct methods are defined. Our efforts to establish the Family Center were supported by members of Psychology of Special Needs and Oligophrenopedagogy Department of Moscow Institute of Open Education.

Basis of the Program
The problems which the Family Center Program strives solve
Target group (who we help)
The way the Family Center works