Diema's Dream
Alexei Korotkov born 2009, Uren, Nizhny Novgorod region

Requires: A rehabilitation course at the Good Hands Rehabilitation Center, during June-July 2016. Preliminary cost 116,700 rubs ($1,667)


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Meet our Team

The Advisory Board was established in February 2011 to offer their advice on sustainability for Diema’s Dream. We are fortunate to have an illustrious group from various sectors of business including banking, accounting, legal, public relations and fundraising. In June 2012, Andrew Cranston was relocated from Moscow. We appreciate his service to the Board. We welcome Marc van der Plas to the Board!
We thank the Advisory Board for their guidance and ideas!

Advisory Board:

Avril Conroy – TNK-BP

Marc van der Plas KPMG

Bob Foresman Barclays Capital

Jonathan Muir TNK-BP

Logan Wright - Clifford Chance

Luda Foresman

Maria Watkins

Peter Necarsulmer PBN

Preston Mendenhall Renaissance Group

Sue Thurman PBN

Tony Watkins EA Systems

Zhenya Mendenhall

Diemas Dream:

Mary Dudley

Debra Cockrell

Lynn Stocks

Elena Volodina

Meet Our Team

Elena Volodina, Director of the Foundation

volodina_new.jpgShe grew up in a household where her parents took in foster children. For 5 years, working with Diemas Dream, she has been a foster parent in the broader sense for orphaned children in
the face of many difficulties and social problems. Overseeing the programs of Diemas Dream, she has been responsible to create a support system by providing the orphans and disabled children
with the necessary assistance and support professionals: social workers, psychologists, lawyers, doctors, etc..

Elena was educated in Social Work and as a lawyer. She received a Ford Fellowship and finished Postgraduate Russian- British Masters on Social Management. She worked as an intern in the field of Human Resource Management at Management Center in Insbruck, as well as summer school of social work in Dorbine, Austria.

First Person: -I meet the challenge, even when in scared of the unknown
and it seems that you need to do something unreal to achieve it. At the same time, I am an ordinary person, the same as everyone and I have the same weakness and challenges.

- Your hobbies?

Folk choreography and song and needlework.
Well, no, actually - most of all I love children!

Your favorite aphorism or quote?

"Special" people - the value to society, thanks to them we can show their best qualities, kindness, compassion, they teach us patience, compassion and support .

"Special" people - it's a world apart, a special inspiration, the art
of living. And because they need special attention, care and recognition.

Anastasia Starobyhovskaya, Deputy Director for Charitable Programs

nastya_star.jpgAnastasia is a lawyer and has worked with Diemas Dream since 2010. I began my charity activities sporadically as a philanthropist and volunteer, and at some point I realized - for good things to happen you need to do the time, precious time to spend on something that really makes sense.

-From the top: When the people we help, sincerely say "Thank you", I realize that the work we do is really useful and a very necessary thing.

Your hobbies?Ride a bike, downhill and cross country skiing, skating and trams :)

- Your favorite aphorism or quote? Do good and throw it in the water.

Julia Fadeev,Head of Take a Step Program

julia_fadeeva.pngJulia has a degree in Jurisprudence and previously worked in law enforcement. By fate, she became involved in charity work.

- First Person: At a meeting which changed my life and made me revaluate my values,
I had no idea I would be working with disabled children. I did not realize before, but in our
country, the disabled children are in need.

- What is your favorite aphorism or quote?

While young, strong, vigorous, never tired of doing good!

AP Czechs

Once I do charity work, my role was to seem like a movie star unbearably stupid.

A. Jolie

Irina Fedorova, coordinator of the Help Program

fedorova_irina.jpgIrina is a teacher and has been working in the nonprofit sector since 2004. She started working as a volunteer, arranging holidays for children fromlow-income families andparticipated in various social projects.

-From the top:

It is not easy to be vulnerable, but when you develop the ability to defend to yourself and at the same time become evenmore vulnerable. Power of vulnerability in the open - when you are open, you are able to perceive the world in all its diversity: sadness and joy, sorrow and love. For me the world is neutral and indivisible in black and white, it full in its diversity, and we choose to "paint" the color of the picture.

- Your hobbies?

More than 7 years doing contemporary dance. I was fascinated body language and
forms for space traffic. Dance - lifestyle.

- Your favorite aphorism or quote?

Oh, curse, curse the day when we have not danced at least once! Do not believe in the truth, next to which there is no place at least one burst of laughter!


Olga Borodkina,curator of the Volunteers for Families

borodkina_olga.jpgOlga isan experienced psychologist, therapist, group therapist, family and adolescent
counselor. She is a memberof the Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists and a finalist of the Open World Library of Congress. Olga came to Diemas Dream in 2006 after a trip to the United Stateswith Open World. Prior to that experience, she worked
in the project "Assistance for families with adopted children and Prevention of child abandonment ". There she leaned about the problems of children abandoned because of various reasons their parents.

- First Person:

Thefate of these children is amazing. It is impossible to remain indifferent, and
I want to help all that Ican. I want to help using my professional skills and knowledge and I dont want to be a person who is indifferent tothe plight of these children!